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501 Crore Towards Successful

Welcome to Dnyanradha Multistate Co.Op.Credit Society.


In the field of banking and Co-Operative in Maharashtra leading as a number one. Dnyanradha Multi State Beed District, we are always giving our helping hand to our dear & respected customers. By Keeping our one eye on your necessity. In this ocean of economy to keep your drop of wealth we are always standing their for you. So we request our all well respected customers for their Co-Operation. To give you shadow of love we have inogarated Dnyanradha Multi State Co-Op Credit Society. Not only for Beed district all over and out of Maharashtra State. We are trying our level best to give you best of our best.

About Our Bank

Multistate or other state of Maharashtra and the entire organization network without Beed Dnyanradha confined only to the level of war is also started work impressive. Jnanaradha multistate get to your successful career with the organization that we believe the whole.

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Loan Services

Home Loan from 50,000/- up to 15 lacs 1 year up to 5 years. Interest rate is 19%, Penal Rate is 3%

Vehicle Loan from Rs.20,000/- up to 15 lacs, 1 year up to 3 years. Interest Rate is 19% Penal Rate is 3%
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The amount saved is a particular provided deposits is called as Fixed Deposit.

It is essential to meet the individual needs of persons savings account.
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Account Opening

Become a member and accessories very simple and easy way to open your account Take advantage of all the banking facilities and correctly .

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