Chairman’s Message

Respected Dear Customers,

First of all, my warm regards..!

As the Founding President, I am glad to introduce to you that The Kute Group has been serving through various businesses established from Beed since years. Dnyanradha Multi-State Cooperative Credit Society Ltd was established to make banking and easy affair for the common humankind, especially for the semi-urban and rural masses.

Through this institute, we are continually striving to keep our esteemed customers satisfied by reaching out to them through our banking services from time to time. To facilitate banking transactions for all people in a fast, easy and convenient manner, we established Dnyanradha Credit Society, with the head office located in Beed. The corporate office of Dnyanradha Credit Society is located in the city of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar.

Today we have extended the branches of the organization to serve the customers better, especially in the rural areas but our valuable customers come from all sectors of society; business class, working class and the general class.
All branches are assisted from Head Office Beed periodically in a cooperative manner. Customers of all branches can contact the Corporate Office of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar to discuss any queries or concerns related to their branch transactions.

We provide personal assistance while serving you for a better experience. Also, every month a branch visit is organized by the corporate office of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar; to each branch. Monitoring and functioning of each branch and departments are done during this visit. Close scrutinization of all the processes and transactions takes place during this visit. In this way, we have consciously planted the wisdom of knowledge, so that we can provide a caring shadow of financial support in the best manner.

The entire network of Dnyanradha Multistate is not only restricted to Beed district of Maharashtra state but also spreading all across India at a fast pace. Also, we are continually striving to provide efficient and diversified services using the latest technology making customer satisfaction our foremost aim, by getting all the latest banking facilities under one roof.

As of today, we have 51+ branches with 6 Lacs+ customers who avail banking services through Dnyanradha Multi-State Cooperative Credit Society. With total assets more than Rs.2375 Cr. and loan disbursement more than Rs.1673 Cr., we are striving progressively towards increasing assets to Rs. 3000+ Cr.
With the support and cooperation of our staff, which is like family and our dear customers, we are confident that we will always keep progressing and provide excellent banking service to all.

Thanking You !

Shri. Suresh D. Kute

Group Founder & Chairman